by Will Schreitz

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released April 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Will Schreitz Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Track Name: One More Night
one more night where we could be together
honey have you heard the news?
I've got a woman I love her forever
telling everybody its true

if you go honey well I'll follow its the only thing that makes sense to me
when you're gone well I feel so hollow
your heart is where I want to be
Track Name: Spirit World
you've got a full moon eye on
and you give the light away
I don't know where you're going
I don't know why you stayed
you found a real deep lover in the dark
and now the darkness is so out of sight
and everywhere its rough
and its just enough
they want to take you around and around again

you've got an antenna to the spirit world

I don't want to feel this way
why are you in such a low place?
you know where the high ground is
oh you gotta get on outta there right away

It breaks my heart just to see you this way
and I don't care about the mean things you say
you know where the high ground is
oh you gotta get on outta there right away

out of the sound of voodoo
cause you're always on your phone
you treat your game like a lover
and then you leave it all alone
did you feel like some broken trash?
did you feel that way in your home?
I just came here to relax
I just came here to get stoned

Everywhere you follow me
you don't know that you do that
do you honey?
well you're not gonna follow me
(just get on home) with your satellite phone

I've got an antenna to the spirit world
(its in my heart and my mind)
Track Name: New Way
if you go hiding in the shadows its not the way
you give me those sentimental feelings and I can't think straight cause I'm falling

and when you call me
you change me
ooh you take me back to the start

they conceal you
but I feel you
deep down
in my heart

so call my name
if you need somebody don't hesitate
its all the same when you're not around me
I just can't think straight cause I'm falling

can you feel the new way
we're expressing
our love
and how its because
of you

the things you say
they take me to another place faraway
its alright I keep you in my heart
I do the best I can when I'm falling
Track Name: T'ill the End of Time
a girl like that
she'll break your heart in two

do it all over again
then go on to someone new

she's a real good looker
best for you to keep away
you're a sensitive boy
you know where the nice girls stay

yet you wander down the the alleyways
you just can't help yourself
looking for trouble
and something top shelf

you walk into a cocktail bar
and old man come over and he say
"Don't have to try too hard,
just let the night go rock away"

its your trip
you can do what you feel
catch a wave
I'm telling you there's something out there that's real

and I would love you t'ill the end of time

a friend like that
would only let you down
put a suit on you
and take you around
they'll say that they mean it
honey well they just don't
they'll want to to believe it (so bad)
cause they're desperate for hope ( so sad)

but when you learn the feeling
I think its gonna be alright
we can go down to the river
you don't have to hurt inside

honey and I
would love you t'ill the end of time
if your heart is a mountain
then baby I'll climb
if your heart is a diamond
I'll get down in the mines
cause I
would love you t'ill the end of time
Track Name: Always in Blue
now my girl is sometimes sad
but when she is you know its not so bad
some people they fuss and moan but she gets quiet and spends some time alone

she's always in blue

now some people are all uptight
they get mad and they want to fight
some people go out and try an win all the friends
but she opens the door to invite them in

she's always in blue
Track Name: Rivers
just like wine
I'm drinking you up
I feel so nervous
I'm not good with the ladies

in the dark
there is a chance
to find one true heart
some hope in the gutter

things that they say
never mattered it was just some crazy rope they tied around your body

I'm you're friend you'll never know me but i'm on your side
cutting you loose

you don't have to hold back your heartache

in my mind
I'll turn it over
in my heart
I do all the work

I go outside
try to happy and it works
most of the time

its an ocean wide
its an ocean deep
where you go you carry me away

I'm still in love
with the starts in your eyes
still in love
I never said goodbye
still the one
your still my friend
still the one
I want to see you dance again

still in love
through the laughter and tears
still in love
after all these years still in love
through and through
still in love
I'm still in love with you